Those who take the Psychometric Test in languages other than Hebrew, including the Combined/English version, may also take the Hebrew Proficiency Test to assess their knowledge of Hebrew.

Some of the universities use this test to place students in appropriate Hebrew language courses, and for some it also constitutes an entrance requirement. The score on this test is not part of the Psychometric Test score, and it is reported separately to the educational institutions. The educational institutions use this score in different ways; some may require applicants to take an additional Hebrew exam.

If you wish to improve your score on the Hebrew Proficiency Test, you may retake it independently of the Psychometric Test. This requires reregistering. Further details are available from the admissions offices of the various educational institutions.

Register for the YAEL in one of two ways:
Online - via this website.
By mail - registration forms may be obtained from NITE.

Hebrew Proficiency Test (YAEL) with special accommodations


Sample Questions and Explanations:


Practice Test 1


Practice Test 2


Further details can be found on the Hebrew site.