Psychometric Practice Tests in the following languages:











From the Law for Monitoring Psychometric Preparatory Schools, 2008:


9. The National Institute for Testing and Evaluation will publish, after each Psychometric Entrance Test administration date, the main test form that was given during that administration date and its answers, as well as data related to the results of the test, including the distribution of results according to various measures, in accordance with the directives of the Institute; once a year, the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation will publish one test form from each of the languages other than Hebrew in which the Psychometric Entrance Test was administered that year; the Minister will determine the method of publication according to this clause, to include publication on the Internet; in this clause, "test form" refers to the section of the test used to determine a score.


See Distribution of Psychometric Entrance Test Results According to Various Cross-Sections of the Population.