The MITAM test is designed to facilitate the screening of candidates for advanced degrees in Psychology.

Test Structure

The MITAM consists of two separate sections:

Proficiency in psychological research methods

This section contains 40 questions, some of which are multiple choice and some open-ended, testing proficiency in the following areas: research methods in psychology, assessment, and use of statistical tools in psychological research.

Some questions, or clusters of questions, pertain to the description of an experiment.

Comprehension of scientific texts in psychology

This section contains four reading comprehension texts written in English. Each text is based on an article in some area of psychology. This section tests the examinee’s ability to read articles written in the original language, understand them and relate to them in the context of the study material. Since this section of the exam is not intended to test proficiency in English, some key words in the text are translated into Hebrew.

The questions attached to each reading comprehension text (10-14 questions per text) pertain mostly to an understanding of the text. A small number of questions deals with topics in psychology that are related to the subject of the text, but the answers to these questions are not necessarily found in the text itself. Most of the questions are multiple choice questions, while a few are open-ended. There are approximately 50 questions in this section.

The questions that are constructed for the test are reviewed by lecturers from the psychology departments, who comment on, amend and approve them. The final version of the test is approved by the MITAM Steering Committee.

Calculation and Reporting of Scores

For information regarding the calculation and reporting of scores (in Hebrew) - click here.

Registration Options

Register for the MITAM in one of two ways:
Online - via this website.
By mail - The registration kit may be purchased from NITE's Distribution Department or from psychology departments at institutions that require the test.


In response to a request issued by the National Student Union and the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation, the IDF has agreed to postpone the Reserve Duty of students taking the MITAM test.

Students who have registered for the MITAM and been called up for dates up to three months prior to the test, can apply to have their duty rescheduled (“Valtam”). Proof of registration should be included. Those who have registered for preparatory courses should include proof of this as well.

Further details can be found in the Hebrew version of this site.

Special Test Accommodations

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