The National Institute for Testing and Evaluation calculates test scores as quickly as possible while ensuring maximum accuracy and reliability. To improve the services provided to examinees, NITE will publish the projected dates on which test scores will be reported on the internet. This forecast will be updated as the scoring process proceeds. 



Test Date

Projected Timetable for Reporting Scores

Psychometric Entrance Test

17-18.4.2019 29.5.2019 


17-18.4.2019 29.5.2019 


17-18.4.2019 29.5.2019 


17-18.4.2019 29.5.2019

Scores will be reported to examinees either by email, or via the Israeli postal service to the address that appears  on your registration form, within 45 days of the test administration date. If you did not withdraw your consent to receive scores by email, they will be sent to you only by email.  If you did withdraw your consent to receive scores by email, they will be sent only via the Israeli postal service (except for examinees taking medical school admissions tests or RAMA).

In addition, examinees may ask to have their scores mailed to their home address for up to three months after the test administration date at no extra charge.

You may also access your scores on this website, around the same time they are sent to the educational institutions, by logging on using your personal information:  ID number and reference number.  The latter appears on the test registration verification (for those examinees who registered via the NITE website) or on the top of the stub labeled "examinee receipt" for those who registered and paid the test fee at the bank and on the test notification slip.  The Scoring Department will not give out reference numbers to examinees over the telephone.  Therefore, save your reference number at least until you receive your scores.